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Can you water your lawn too much?

How much water does your lawn really need? A lot less than you might think–about an inch to an inch and a half a week. That’s not a half hour every day. Depending on your sprinklers, that is maybe two good soaks a week. You can test by putting a cup out and measuring how much water collects throughout your sprinkling.

You might think you’re helping your lawn out by watering it more than that, but the truth is, you’re not.

If you’re watering your lawn too much, particularly if you’re watering it a little bit each day, it’s likely to develop a weak and shallow root system. On the other hand, when you soak the soil once or twice a week and make the lawn’s roots sink into the soil to get the water, you’re promoting strong roots. With strong roots, your lawn can stand up to wear and tear, can handle drought a little better should it strike, and is generally going to be healthier.

Water your grass too much, and you may also find yourself dealing with lawn fungus. Slime molds and snow molds and a whole bunch of other unpleasant infections are much more likely to strike a perpetually wet lawn. Water your lawn less, and you’ll cut your risk of fungus problems dramatically. Lawns need regular watering to survive and thrive. But regular watering may amount to less than you think.

Test your sprinklers to find out exactly how much you’re watering, and keep it in check for the healthiest lawn possible.